Why Are Kyani Antioxidants So Important?

The science is in and it’s unanimous, Kyani’s antioxidants contained in the Sunrise formula are extremely important for maintaining optimum health and wellness.Each serving contains the most potent combination of antioxidants on the market today.Sunrise provides your body with a large amount of antioxidants which can reduce the chances of cancer, lower high blood pressure, improve wrinkles  and help your heart stay healthy  many other benefits. They’re job is to fight ‘free-radicals’ which are the causes of many health problems and are produced due to stress, processed food, smoking, and if you think those factors don’t apply to you well, they’re even caused by UV light and pollution. These free radicals are like terrible viruses: everywhere, unstoppable and very harmful.

That’s why the antioxidants in Kyani Sunrise are so important.Even though antioxidants are found in fruit, oil, or even coffee and wine, the problem obviously is you have to consume large amounts of these products in order to match the high number of antioxidants contained in Sunrise.