Kyani Story

The Kyäni Story

Today Kyäni represents a health and wellness lifestyle for people all around the world. Kyäni began with remarkable founding families who, from humble beginnings, achieved enormous success through hard work and innovation. The Hansens took a small petroleum company and turned it into one of the largest independent distributorships in the United States. Similarly, the Taylor family transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farming and cattle operations in Idaho. Today they use cutting-edge technology to enhance and expand their businesses. The Founding Families were introduced to the remarkable power of two relatively unknown Superfoods – Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The Hansens and Taylors were impressed by the potency and extraordinary health benefits that these nutrients were able to provide. Harnessing the entrepreneurial power of network marketing, the Founders formed Kyäni to provide nutritional wellness and financial opportunity to millions around the world. Today, Kyäni continues to offer the most compelling nutritional supplements in the industry and the opportunity for Customers and Distributors to experience more health, more wealth, and more life.

Kyani Founders

The companies founders come from different backgrounds and industries, but they find common ground in their work ethic and vision. The following biographies will help you get to know them, discover how they got their start, and the principles that have helped make Kyäni what it is today.

Kirk Hansen, Chairman

Kirk Hansen is a highly successful, multi-generational businessman with a lifetime commitment to Kyäni. From a very early age, Kirk Hansen took on special tasks in the family’s small petroleum business. As a young teenager, Kirk was entrusted to perform long-distance deliveries in commercial trucks. He personally built the company’s bulk oil business long before larger competitors could catch on. He led the expansion of the family business’s holdings into real estate, restaurants, and hotels. Kirk’s ability to visualize and execute a winning strategy was evident in purchasing a deteriorating property and turning it into one of the nation’s largest rail-to-truck fuel facilities. When Kirk sees an opportunity, he learns new skills to make it happen. Kirk is a tenacious, hard working organizer with the ability to build lasting business relationships. Kirk is a visionary leader that keeps Kyäni focused, relevant, and prosperous.

Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is a driven innovator who helped grow a simple family farm into one of the largest potato businesses in America with nearly 30,000 acres of cultivated land. He also expanded the business to include one of the finest cattle ranching operations in the country. Carl achieved this successful transformation with thoughtful and forward-thinking investments in land, equipment, and process technology. In fact, he developed new harvesting and sorting processes that are used today throughout the agricultural industry. Carl is a strategic and genuine collaborator, known for bringing people and ideas together to forge business relationships. As a Founder, Carl brings a pioneering, cutting edge mindset to Kyäni and inspires us to innovate and succeed.

Jim Hansen

If you think you’re an early riser, you don’t know Jim Hansen. For decades, Jim has been starting his day before 4:00 am to personally check the inventory of each departing truck to ensure accuracy for his customers. This level of service and attention to detail has helped build the family petroleum business from 2 million gallons of fuel sales to hundreds of millions of gallons during Jim’s 25-year tenure. This has greatly contributed to the Hansen Family’s wealth and financial security. Besides his discipline and dedication, Jim is incredibly dynamic. To his family business, he has been the dispatcher, the administrator, and the negotiator. As a Kyäni Founder, Jim is a business mastermind and influential executive with the ability to guide Kyäni toward better execution and profitability.

Kyäni Family

Kyani is a global community of individuals who transform lives with extraordinary wellness products and believe the best way to secure financial freedom is by helping others to succeed. Experience More as part of the Kyäni Family … More Health with Kyäni’s life-changing products that help you maximize your physical well-being … More Wealth with an unsurpassed compensation plan and Dream Car program … Incomparable opportunities to grow through personal development, business training and social interaction at meetings, conventions and events … More Life with incredible vacations, experiences and humanitarian trips. Kyani invites you to become a member of the Kyäni Family and make your life unforgettable!